Interview Series

Jeff Murray

Jeff Murray is a pen and ink artist that creates intricate works on canvas inspired by exploration and travel. His latest works have been inspired by the Greek and ancient worlds where he brings the past back to life.

Mark Adams

Mark Adams is the author of "Meet me in Atlantis". A book where he travels around the Mediterranean discovering the various theories around the Lost city of Atlantis.

The Bronze Lie - Myke Cole

Myke Cole sits down and talks about his latest book, The Bronze Lie, Shattering the myth of Spartan Warrior supremacy, where he peals back the myth and gives the Spartans and their society a human face and story.

Prof. Eric Cline

Professor Eric Cline author of 1177 BC The year civilisation collapsed, explains to us this period and some of the evidence now being uncovered to help us try and piece together what was taking place during the collapse of the Bronze Age.

Prof. Vanessa Gorman

The Greek city of Miletos in western Anatolia would be described by Herodotus as being the ornament of Ionia. This referring to the affluence of the city during the Archaic period and its position amongst the many other Greek cities in Ionia. In this episode I am joined by Prof. Vanessa Gorman who takes us through the history of this wealthy and influential city.

Prof. James Romm

Prof. James Romm joins us on the series to help give us an introduction to Thucydides and the period he wrote about. This will then give us a good foundation as we more into the Classical Age with the pivotal event of the Peloponnesian War taking place

Rome's Early History with The Partial Historians

With the Help of Dr Greenfield and Dr Radford from the Partial Historians podcast we look at the foundations and the early history of Rome before it would launch onto the world stage, and where we can draw some parallels with developments in the Greek world.

Bernie Taylor: Eternal Myths

Bernie Taylor is a naturalist and archeostrominar who in his research has found these same eternal elements found in Greek myth and other cultures stories stretching back at least some 40,000 years ago. His research would take him to a cave site in Spain called the El Castillo, here these stories of myth would all become even more ancient as the hero’s journey carved on the limestone wall would unfold before all those who viewed it.

Dr Owen Rees: The Athenian Experience of War

Histories of the Classical Greek world are filled with the accounts of Athens at war through the campaigns and battles they fought in. Though, there were other aspects that made up the experience of war. In this upcoming episode I talk with Dr Owen Rees who explains to us these often-overlooked aspects of how the Athenians through the various elements of society dealt with warfare.

Spartan History Podcast

Casting Through Ancient Greece and Spartan History Podcast team up to talk Greek history. We focus a lot on the Greek and Persian Wars, a subject Steve has just started delving into. This is a nice casual unscripted chat marking the end of 2022.

Prof. James Diggle: Odysseus Unbound

Prof. James Digggle joins me to talk about the mystery around the location of Homer's Ithaca. Then laying out the theory and evidence the Odysseus Unbound foundation has been advancing.

Prof. Yvonne Korshak: Pericles & Aspasia

In this interview, I chat with Prof. Yvonne Korshak, a historian and writer, about her recent historical fiction "Pericles and Aspasia." The novel uniquely integrates historical events preceding the Peloponnesian war in Athens into its narrative, offering personal insights and interactions. Yvonne skillfully weaves historical clues into a lifelike narrative, discussing her writing experience, the connection between history and fiction, and various historical elements.

On Wine-Dark Seas with Tad Crawford

Welcome to our discussion today, where we delve into Tad Crawford's latest fiction masterpiece, "On Wine-Dark Seas." This captivating narrative unfolds within the rich tapestry of the epic cycle, which includes the timeless poems, the Iliad and the Odyssey.

Prof. Paul Cartledge - Sparta, A Remarkable Polis

Join historian Professor Paul Cartledge on a captivating exploration of ancient Sparta. Unveil the unique education, political structure, and military prowess that shaped this resilient warrior society. Delve into Spartan and Greek ideals, challenging norms and exploring the exceptional status of Spartan women.

Greek Philosophy with Jack Visnjic

Join us for a fascinating journey through ancient Greek philosophy with Jack Visnjic, an expert with a PhD in Ancient Philosophy from Princeton University. Explore from pre-Socratic thinkers to Plato's Theory of Forms, Aristotle's contributions, and the evolution into Hellenistic philosophy. Uncover the profound impact on modern ethical thinking. Subscribe for more insights into the mysteries of time and thought.