Interview Series

Jeff Murray

Jeff Murray is a pen and ink artist that creates intricate works on canvas inspired by exploration and travel. His latest works have been inspired by the Greek and ancient worlds where he brings the past back to life.

Mark Adams

Mark Adams is the author of "Meet me in Atlantis". A book where he travels around the Mediterranean discovering the various theories around the Lost city of Atlantis.

The Bronze Lie - Myke Cole

Myke Cole sits down and talks about his latest book, The Bronze Lie, Shattering the myth of Spartan Warrior supremacy, where he peals back the myth and gives the Spartans and their society a human face and story.

Prof. Eric Cline

Professor Eric Cline author of 1177 BC The year civilisation collapsed, explains to us this period and some of the evidence now being uncovered to help us try and piece together what was taking place during the collapse of the Bronze Age.