Episodes: 84 - 95

84: In Search of Victory

Explore Athenian generals post-Pericles, the pivotal shift after his death, and the contentious Sicilian expedition. Unravel Spartan mysteries, including King Plistoanax's return and bribery scandal involving the Oracle of Delphi. Witness how natural disasters reshaped Greek military tactics, leading to Spartan innovations like Heraclea, eventually overshadowed by internal issues. Delve into Athenian blunders and victories, from Demosthenes' Aetolian disaster to his redemption in Ambracia, showcasing the unpredictability of ancient warfare. This enthralling exploration reveals the era's strategic complexities and shifting alliances in a concise recount.

85: Surrender at Sphacteria

The Battle of Pylos exemplifies Athenian ingenuity and Spartan bravery. Athenian commander Demosthenes, despite limited resources, constructed strategic defenses that repelled a fierce Spartan assault. The arrival of the Athenian fleet then shifted the balance, highlighting the narrow margin between victory and defeat in ancient warfare.

Politically, the ensuing peace negotiations exposed the delicate power balance and the high stakes of the conflict, with Sparta willing to negotiate due to the potential loss of elite hoplites. The collapse of these talks led to renewed war, emphasizing the fragility of peace amid relentless ambition.

The Siege of Sphacteria showcased Athenian strategy under Cleon and Demosthenes, leading to a Spartan surrender that marked a pivotal moment in Greek warfare. This victory was entwined with political manoeuvring, reflecting the close ties between military success and political debate in Athens.

86: Shifting Dynamics

Ever wondered how a single year could turn the tide in a protracted war? This episode dives into the seventh year of the Peloponnesian War, highlighting 425 BC's pivotal events. Athens captured Anactunorium, gaining control over the Peloponnesian fleet, while Spartan prestige collapsed. Reduced threats from Syracuse and Persia enabled Athens to bolster its empire. Following successes at Sphacteria, aggressive Athenian campaigns captured Cythera and Thyrea and invaded Spartan territories, influenced by rivalries between Cleon and Nicias. These actions reshaped the war's balance of power, revealing Athens' rise and Sparta's stagnation. Join us to explore this dramatic shift.


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