Episodes: 60 - 71

60: Disaster on the Nile

As Athens was establishing new alliances and launching campaigns on the Greek mainland, a message would arrive from across the Mediterranean seeking Athenian aid to assist a revolt in Egypt. Xerxes had been assassinated and the accession of Artaxerxes would see Egypt attempt to break away from the Persian Empire. Athens would send military aid to the Egyptian rebels, which would see them quickly defeat the Persian army sent to put the revolt down. However, another Persian army would follow and what would follow would turn out to be one of the biggest disasters for Athens in generations.

61: After Tanagra

Athens had been defeated by Sparta at the battle of Tanagra, though both sides had suffered badly. Sparta was in no condition to follow up their victory and had returned back to the Peloponnese. Now, only 62 days after the battle, Athens would launch a campaign into Boeotia attempting to disrupt Theban and Spartan designs of the past few months. This would turn out to be just the first of a number of campaigns that would be focused on Sparta’s allies in central Greece and the Peloponnese. By the end of the campaigning, Athens would have significantly increased its influence in mainland Greece. However, news of the disaster in Egypt would arrive which would see Athens having to switch to focusing on other challenges.

62: Crisis in the Aegean

Athens had been spreading its influence throughout Greek lands during the first Peloponnesian War, much of this coming at the expense of Sparta or their allies. Though, with the news of the disaster in Egypt arriving in 454 BC, Athens, now led by Pericles, would need to change their policy to face the new challenges ahead of them. A crisis would now threaten to develop in the Aegean, with Delian league members seeing Athens in a weakened state. While, the disaster in Egypt would threaten a response from Artaxerxes, Athens, seeing the Aegean not as safe from Persian military action as the past decades. Though, as we will see in this coming episode, Athens would put measures in place and conduct its own military expedition to deal with the brewing crisis.

63: Wars End

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Friday 02th December 2022