Greek Philosophy with Lantern Jack

In the series so far, we have not gone into much depth at all on Greek Philosophy, we have been focused on telling the story of ancient Greek through events and the people. When it has been relevant, we have touched on small aspects of philosophy but not in any meaningful way. I must admit I am a little out of my depth when it comes to the ins and outs of Greek philosophy, with only a cursory understanding of the ideas. Its for this reason I decided to reach out to Jack Visnjic or better known online as Lantern Jack to help us with our first look into this complex and fascinating subject. I did present Jack with an ambitious task, as I was attempting to get a good comprehensive introduction to the world of Ancient Greek philosophy. Though I think we achieved what we set out to do, no small task given that we could have spent the entire episode just talking about any one of the questions I brought up.

Jack Visnjic, is the host behind the captivating podcast, Ancient Greece Declassified. Popularly known as Lantern Jack, he is on a mission to break down the barriers surrounding the “Classics” and make the wonders of ancient Greece accessible to everyone.

With a profound belief that knowledge about the ancient world should not be confined to academia, Jack brings the richness of archaeology and modern scholarship to the ears of the average person. He believes that the Classics should not be a privilege reserved for a select few but a treasure trove of wisdom available to all.

Lantern Jack holds a PhD in ancient philosophy from the prestigious Princeton University. His academic background adds depth and authority to his podcast, ensuring that the information shared is not only accessible but also reliable and up-to-date. This also, I believe makes Jack a perfect guest for our episode today, familiar with engaging outside academia but also bringing the expertise he has gained there to present in an accessible way. 

When he’s not unravelling the mysteries of the classical world, Jack can be found immersed in the melodies of his favourite tunes or exploring the fascinating landscapes that history has left behind.

Jack’s Links:
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