A Podcast About the History of Ancient Greece

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Telling the Story of Ancient Greece

The Casting Through Ancient Greece podcast series is for newcomers to Greek history, as well as those with an already developed interest in Greek history. The series will focus on telling the story of Ancient Greek history from Pre-Historic times all the way through to the beginning of the Hellenic period (just after Alexander the Great’s death).

A great deal of the series will be spent during the Classical period, which is usually dated 480 BC – 323 BC. Though, to set the scene and give some context to this period, we will be starting off in a time before any recorded history, where we find the first evidence of human habitation in Greece.  

Some of the featured events that will then be focused on will be the rise and fall of the earliest civilisations in Greece, to where a period of darkness descends, though with light on the horizon. As Greece emerges from the darkness, we see the development of two city states that would have a large bearing on the course of Greek history. This will then see us move through the period of the Greco-Persian wars, the internal Greek struggle of the Peloponnesian War and it’s aftermath.

Greek history would then be further altered by an outsider, the rise of Macedonia and it’s King, Philip’s conquest of Greece. His son, who would be named Alexander the Great, then takes us on a campaign of conquest eastward, spreading Greek ideas and culture deep into the near east and beyond. Upon Alexander’s death, the Classical period then merges into the Hellenistic period, where Alexander’s Generals would carve out their own empires, fragmenting what had been the largest empire the world had seen.

For some more information on what we will be covering in the time periods, please visit the About page.