Support the Series

Casting Through Ancient Greece is a free podcast series that will remain free to make it accessible to everyone.

I began this series as a hobby, fulfilling my passion for Ancient History and attempting to spread my enthusiasm for the period. As I have progressed I have also noticed that I have been putting more and more time and monetary resources into the series in an attempt to make it even better. Due to the monetary aspect of producing the series, I have now taken steps so that people who have found great value in my series and wish to support it, can. This support will lighten the burden in improving the series and give some satisfaction to those supporting that they are helping the series move forward in a positive way.

Below are a number of options for those who wish to support the series, some through monetary means while others just require your active involvement with the series.

So, a big thank you to everyone who is supporting the series in their own way. 

Support on Patreon

Patreon supports monthly donations to the series. There are currently two tier levels to support the show. Supporters at Patreon receive ad free and early access to episodes. The top tier also receiving access to bonus monthly episodes, video show updates, personal shout outs to new supporters and access to video versions of any interviews and collaborations I do.

Support on Buy me a Coffee

Buy me a Coffee supports one time donations to the show while also supporting a membership option. Supporters can chose to make a one time donation or they can also sign up to support the show on a monthly basis which unlocks all the extras listed on the site, including bonus episodes and video interviews and collaborations. Alternatively these can be bought separately without a membership.

Support with my book wish list

Supporting the series through gifting resources listed on my book wish list is another great way to support the series. Obviously as the series continues I will be calling on more resources. This is a fantastic way supporters can give to the show as their support will be directly contributing to topics and episodes.

Subscribe to the series

Subscribing to the series is also a great way to participate in the growth of the show. Subscribers are first to get notifications of new public episodes as well as any news regarding the series.

Support with reviews

Supporting the show through reviews on iTunes is a great way for the series to grow. This helps the show rank higher making it easier for new listeners to discover. I always take pleasure in sharing my reviews with my fans on social media. It is also very motivating to see people gaining such please and interest from the work I put into the series. If you use another player leaving a review on your chosen platform is also very helpful.

Support on Social media

Casting Through Ancient Greece is on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Following, sharing, retweeting and commenting all helps in growing the series by creating a community around the show. Supporting the show through social media is another way to get involved in the series growth.