The Minoans

The Minoans would start to emerge as a civilisation in the early Bronze Age on the Island of Crete. Arthur Evans, who rediscovered this civilisation, would name them the Minoans, after the Mythical ruler of Crete named Minos. Much of Minoan history still eludes us today, but Archaeology is now providing some hints at their past. Frustratingly though, no narrative of their past can be provided by the information that exists today.

The Minoans would exert their influence out from Crete into the Aegean, perhaps making them one of the first sea powers that we can point to. Their strong trade networks around the Mediterranean would see their civilisation grow and flourish for some 800 years.

Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes would impact their societies periodically but eventually they would disappear from history, replaced by another civilisation who were on the rise, this time centred on the Greek mainland and who will be the topic of our next episode, The Mycenaeans.  

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