An age of Darkness

With the collapse of the Mycenaean world, Greece fell into darkness and its path forward had been altered forever. The great citadels and palaces of the old now lay in ruins with their once populace regions having been all but deserted.

The now scattered populations would have seen highly destabilised societies for a generation or more. Eventually people would start to form into new settlements or reoccupy the old ruined sites and a new normality would set in.

Tales of the times of old would have now started filtering down to generations through space and time. Eventually these tales would be recorded by poets many generations later, immortalising figures and families with a new script that had been developed, never to fall silent again.

What had started off as a dark Age, with its apparent signs of regression, culturally and socially would now start to progress forward. Populations and settlements would increase in size while art and items would become more sophisticated, Eventually seeing the Greek world being reborn.

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