Recap and Q&A Ep. 01 - 13

The Casting Through Ancient Greece podcast is now moving into the Greek and Persian war period. We have spent the past 13 episodes looking at how things were developing in Greece that will help give us a better understanding of the periods moving forward.

This episode I talk about my experiences since starting the podcast, as well as the support I have received from other podcasts out there.

We spend the first part of the show going back and summarising the topics and themes we have spoken about over the past 13 episodes. Going all the way back to the first signs of human habitation in the Greece, all the way through to the last series of episodes where we looked at the development of 3 of our major players moving forward. Hopefully this helps with refreshing everyone’s memory of everything covered so far.

The last part of the episode I spend answering questions sent in by listeners ranging from topical questions to general show questions.


Stay tuned as we now move into the Greek and Persian wars.  

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Additional Resources

Map of the Greek dialects